Change of Address Tips and Information

The Postal Service does offer a legitimate Change of Address service online, to include the form you need to complete this action. However, there are many sites that offer or claim to offer the same Change of Address service for a larger fee. Please note that we offer examples such as screen capture images derived from the internet for example purposes only. We do not claim that the sites listed in these examples are scams or are not scams. They may or may not offer a legitimate service. Our goal is to help you select the U.S. Postal Service to perform the Change of Address service as opposed to you clicking on a link that you THINK is the Postal Service when it is not actually the case. This information will educate you on what you might encounter when you do a search for a postal service change of address.

In this example, we will use Google, our favorite internet search service, for our example. Please note that the actual example we use will change over time based on Google algorithm changes as well as advertiser changes.

Below is our screen capture example taken on December 9, 2014. We used the search term: postal service change of address for our search. We used a desktop computer for our search. We have added the red numbers and arrows for our example. Mobile devices and tablets may offer a different appearance than our example below:

1: Let's start with the arrow labeled '1' in the screen capture. Most people would naturally think that the first search result would be the 'United States Postal Service' since it is the first result on a legitimate search engine. However, it is not the USPS. You have to remember that Google is a business and with that being said, they should have the ability to make money through ads to provide their search service. Google often places an ad or two at the top of the search result page which may give the appearance to many people as being the top search result(s). This is not the case here. Google has clearly identified the first two items as an ad. Note the symbol identifying it as such. This is your first clue that this site is NOT the U.S. Postal Service.

2: In our second example, labeled '2', you will note that Google always identifies the URL (web address) under the sites title. this is another sign that this is clearly NOT the U.S. Postal Service. The postal service is typically identified in the URL as or

3: The examples within the red bracket in example #3 above are from the United States Postal Service.

4: Note that in example 4, the URL is identified as is a legitimate Postal Service site for completing a Change of Address.

Please note that according to the USPS, A valid credit card and a valid email address are required to complete the Online Change of Address process. If you are unable to use a credit card and a valid email address, you will have the option to print the Change of Address form and then mail or deliver the printed form to your local post office™.